Difference between a handmade and a factory made instrument

Especially with older instruments a layman can’t see the difference in the workmanship. Labels were mostly put into old instruments to show the model and don’t comply with the actual facts.

This wasn’t done with the intention of forgery but was for the new instruments, which were standing in a row by the hundreds, a way to help the customer find the instrument of his choice. As time went by most of the cheap instruments were destroyed. Relatively few have survived. Heirlooms such as “Steiner” or “Stradivarius” were found in attics. They are a considerable treasure.

I can evaluate these older instruments for you correctly because of the construction, its status and its age and thus tell you the truth about the instrument.

Very rarely you find really valuable instruments in the attic or at the flea market. But I am really happy when I find one, and I can unveil the true value to you.