About me

I was born in Vienna on January 13th 1956, went to primary school and high school and had my final examination in 1975. After passing my entrance exam at the school for violinmaking in Mittenwald I moved to Scharnitz in September where I have been living with my dear wife and 3 sons ever since.

After passing my exam in February 1979 I absolved my military service as volunteer in St. Johann in the Tyrol in the high–alpine–Komp. of Jägerbat. 21 and finished my training for miliz-officer. I solved for several years in different companies and battalions, visited several courses for field and staff-officers and finally at the academy for defense the staff-course for liaison-officers. At the moment I am liaison-officer at the district command in Reutte.

With 5 and ½ years I began to learn to play the violin at Mrs. Prof. Pribil, at the age of twelve I changed to viola. Later I changed music schools and learned from Mrs. Ronez and also learned to play viola d´Amore. For 5 years I played in the youth orchestra of the city of Vienna and was allowed to play for Mrs. Ronez as substitute at the Easteroratoria in 1973 (my first salary as musician).

At the violinmaking-school in Mittenwald I played chamber music as well as in the pupil-orchestra. But also baroque instruments such as baritone, treble-, alto- and tenor-viola di gamba I have learned in the course of time and played them in chamber music. I also learned double bass in order to play in a Blue grass Band. I could also play a bit of piano, but nowadays I have forgotten the most of it. Guitar with 6 and 12 Strings I play rather well and even taught youths in the Lutheran church in Mittenwald to earn a bit of pocket money.

All in all I learned 11 instruments with 7 different clefs.