My offer

In my workshop I mainly repair string instruments but I try to build a new Violin at least once a year in order to have some good new instruments for my clients in store and to improve my knowledge. I have many used instruments in various price ranges. I have also new instruments and can order them.

All plucking instruments like guitars, zithers, and dulcimer I offer in my Workshop. I advice my customers about buying or repairing an instrument. Personal contact is very important for me and especially the customers must know why a repair is necessary or I explain the difference between the instruments, which are at disposal.

Accessories like shoulder rests, chinrests, cases, strings etc. I have in store for my customers and I give advice with pleasure about the advantage and disadvantage of the numerous products.

To pupils I lend smaller sets in order to spare parents the costs of expensive acquisition or I tell them not to buy a cheap and most of the times not useful “toy”. I especially like to test your instrument, make an estimate about repair and advise you about the value of the instrument.