Professional qualification

After visiting the violinmaking – school in Mittenwald from September 1975 to February 1979 I worked in different workshops in Vienna and Germany. Among others I took over the repair – workshop of the firm GEWA in Mittenwald together with the senior Mr. Walther and some other violinmakers. I used these years of learning to complete and perfect my knowledge in violinmaking.

On June 19th 1985 I took my master degree in violinmaking. In September of the same year I opened a small workshop in Scharnitz, where I own a small house. In May 1986 I opened my workshop in Innsbruck in Universitätsstr. 3, where I still have it today. Another 6 and ½ year I worked in the firm GEWA 2 days a week.

Since 1992 I have concentrated my energy in my special workshop in Innsbruck.

My motto is

Impossible things are done at once,
Miracles need a little longer,
If you have a wish I practice witchcraft.